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A Lovely Wedding + Spectacular Food + Beach on St. Simons Island

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There you go, that’s the equation for an amazing weekend!  Though obviously, there isn’t an awesome wedding to attend by the beach every weekend.  So for any other weekend:  Spectacular Food + Beach = Amazing Weekend.

This past weekend, two of my bestest friends finally tied the knot (after about 8 years of dating!), and they did it in the most fashionable way.  The location: St. Simons Island, Georgia.  The view was amazing where they said their vows with the Atlantic Ocean as the background.

St Simons

The wedding reception, by a creek where there were also boat rides, was also a beautiful sight.  (And a plus: We saw dolphins on the boat ride!!)

Village Creek Landing

Now, when I wasn’t at the wedding, I spent time:

  1. Visiting local shops
  2. Just plain ol’ chillaxin’ at the beach
  3. Eating yummy food!!

We ended up eating at 2 great restaurants, that had delicious food (not 100% Paleo though, I know! But again, I’m only doing about 75-85%…)

1. Driftwood Bistro
Driftwood Bistro is actually a restaurant of Villas by the Sea Resort.  No, we did not stay there (we are cheap/poor).  What happened was we asked our hotel staff what place was the best food on the island, without contemplating, she immediately responded with Driftwood Bistro. (We asked if she was paid to say this, expecting her to say that “well, we are partners/they sponsor blah blah” but she said that she goes there to eat and it is the best.)

The hotel staff was right! It was not only delicious but it was also really inexpensive for the quality the food was!

Here’s what we ordered from their dinner menu:

  • Fried Mushrooms:  An appetizer of “fresh mushrooms beer battered and deep fried to a golden brown. Served with our spicy chipotle ranch.”
  • Blackened Catfish:  “Farm raised catfish filet prepared corn meal breaded and deep fried or grilled or blackened.”
    (Personal note here: My date liked this so much he said “it tastes like steak!)
  • Stuffed Flounder:  “Stuffed with crab meat, spinach, capers and cream cheese and topped with Leek Cream.”

Now, two amazing sides to note:

  • Lynn’s Squash Casserole: I wish I can describe the taste of this in my mouth but I honestly can’t.  This is a MUST try if you ever find yourself at Driftwood Bistro on Jekyll Island, GA!
  • Sweet Potato Souffle:  This one tasted like heaven in my mouth and the sweetness went so well with all the savory we were eating!

2. Palmer’s Village Cafe
Palmer’s is a little cafe around Neptune Park which is by the ocean.  When you walk in you will notice that the place is quite small, but there’s a nice little room in the back too.  When we arrived around noon on Sunday, the place was packet.  There was a 10-15 min wait… but it was WORTH IT!
Here’s what we ordered from their breakfast menu:

  • Surf Squared: “Poached Eggs over Crab Cake, Roasted Red Pepper Grit Cake and Homemade Hollandaise”
    I highly recommend this one!  The mix of the crab cake with the poached eggs makes an unbelievable breakfast!
  • The Islander Omelet:  “Egg Whites, Bacon Crumbles, Garden Herb Cheese, over Rosemary Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Arugula and Balsamic Reduction”
Surf Squared (top), The Islander Omelet (bottom)


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