Fox Brothers: Some Good Ol' BBQ in the City

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If St. Simons is a bit of a drive, maybe a BBQ joint in Atlanta will help!  Fox Brothers Bar-B-Q is kind of tucked away, so if you’re not purposefully looking for it or if it’s not anywhere you normally pass by, you’re not going to find it.  Yet, 3 PM on a random Tuesday afternoon, there were still plenty of people there to enjoy some Bar-B-Q.

So let’s just cut to the chase this time – here’s what we got from their menu:

Pulled Pork, Fried Okra, Collard Greens from Fox Brothers BBQ, Atlanta GA
Pulled Pork, Fried Okra, Collard Greens

Another dish:

Fox Brothers BBQ
Combo Plate – Pulled Pork and Beef Brisket, Coleslaw, Potato Salad

Now to be perfectly honest, I had this meal a while back, and I can’t fulllly remember if the meats are Pulled Pork and Beef Brisket but I have to admit it really was delicious, so I would suggest you try all the meats!


    1. Haha, aw, thanks! I did lose some weight recently since I started eating more of a ‘paleo diet’, but i’m not a strict paleo follower – but I basically cut out most processed foods. And what do you know, Eating GOOD food is GOOD for you! 🙂

      1. yes, eating good food is good for us. but then, it’s hard to be good, haha, and to stay good, hey? eating good really requires commitment, lol, in the non-commital day and age. now, am talkin’ crap… hellow! 😉

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