All About Bitter Melons!

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Bitterness does not seem like the most appealing taste for food.  However, if you think about it… coffee, unsweetened cocoa, and beer.  They are all a bit bitter, yet a lot of people seem to love them.

Bitter Melons

So, what about Bitter Melons? 

There are different types of bitter melons so they all can look different, but no matter what they look like they have one thing in common.  Their taste is bitter.
Another thing they might have in common is that they are healthy for you!  It turns out bitter melon is a great source of dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants.

Now for the Interesting fact of the day:  These babies  have also been used as the bittering agent instead of hops in some Chinese beers!

So, when I was little I hated the taste, and so I hated Bitter Melons.  It tastes like medicine, and I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to eat it out of enjoyment.  I don’t know when I suddenly grown to like the taste, but I eventually did.  Bitter melon soup is still a little too much bitter for my taste buds, but let’s end this post with a great Bitter Melon dish I do like…

Meat-Stuffed Bitter Melons!!

Meat Stuffed Bitter Melons
Meat Stuffed Bitter Melons


  1. my favorite dish of bitter melon is scramble egg bitter melon! Just cooked it last week and everyone loves it
    oh, and you know there’s a way to get rid of the bitterness of the melon? When you finish slicing it, put them in a bowl and follow with little bit of salt and then just rub and squeeze it until juice coming out. Discard the juice and there you have it, a not so bitter melon!

    1. Interesting! I’ve never had bittermelon with scrambled eggs before… might need to try that sometime! Thanks for letting me know about the trick for getting rid of the bitterness! I don’t mind it so much, but I know a lot of people do… will be good to use if I ever cook for people that don’t like bitter things!

      1. I’m about to upload the scrambled egg bitter melon in a min 🙂
        and pleasure :), sharing this trick is a must cause i know majority of people don’t like its bitterness, haha

  2. My homie who runs the blog I post on is a Filipino. He had me try some of this stuff that his moms made. Look, this stuff might cure cancer, but I ain’t gonna it ever again. Nasty. It was after I ate it that my homie says he can’t it either.

    1. Haha, that is funny. I will say it is DEFINITELY an acquired taste! When I was little I never thought I’d ‘acquire’ it, but apparently I did now. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  3. hello! in the philippines, they’re called “ampalaya.” they’re staple vegetables over here, used as ingredient in several meat and veggie recipes. i love them, always… ^^btw, they’re also good for diabetes control and regulation of certain chemicals in the body… 🙂 hello!

    1. Hi Zach!
      Thanks for visiting the blog! 🙂 Yeah, I think it takes a pretty long time to acquire it.. so long that some people never do!
      Say hi to Miles and Betty for me!

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