Thanksgiving or Christmas Paleo Stuffing (Part I)

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During planning of my Paleo Thanksgiving, I’ve come across two parts of the meal that is more difficult to create paleo-friendly than the others:  Stuffing and Dessert.  And by “difficult”, I mean I actually have to think about about this one, because the other parts such as turkey and veggies are already pretty paleo-friendly.

So upon research, there’s different types of stuffing we can go with –  bread based and meat based.  Since I’m ridiculously lazy and don’t care for the bread part, I liked the meat based ones I found more.  But here’s what I found:

(Looking for Thanksgiving Recipes?… there’s a whole new round up I made this year! Check it out here: 50+ Paleo Thanksgiving Recipes.)

Bread based

This bread based stuffing actually have coconut-based bread:

Real Food Forager

Thanksgiving or Christmas Paleo Stuffing
Real Food Forager’s Grain-Free Thanksgiving Stuffing

This is a stuffing with paleo bread, onion, celery, mushrooms, cashews, sunflower seeds, and raisins.

Meat based

Meat based stuffing is probably the method I’m going to go with.  It’ll be easy and if I actually stuff the turkey I am going to love the mix of Turkey juice among with whatever meat stuffing I make!

Primal Palate – The Food Lover’s Kitchen

Thanksgiving or Christmas Paleo Stuffing
Primal Palate’s Pork Stuffing

This stuffing is ground pork based with onion, green bell peppers, celery, and mushrooms.

I Dream Of Protein

Thanksgiving or Christmas Paleo Stuffing
I Dream Of Protein’s Paleo Stuffing

This one is a lamb or beef based stuffing (up to you) with figs and hazelnuts.  (Probably my favorite recipe I’ve found!  Or maybe it’s the next one…)


Thanksgiving or Christmas Paleo Stuffing
PaleOMG’s Thanksgiving Stuffing

This pork sausage based stuffing is filed with yummy ingredients like bacon, sweet potato, and cranberries!  (Maybe this one is my favorite stuffing recipe I’ve found… I can’t choose!)

For more, Paleo Stuffing, check out 2013 year’s collection, Thanksgiving or Christmas Paleo Stuffing (Part I), here!


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