Paleo Chocolate Banana Pudding

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Pudding.  Eat it as a snack or a dessert!  But instead of buying a box of that nasty instant pudding powder at the store, you can make it at home with healthier REAL ingredients!  Check out this recipe for how to make paleo chocolate banana pudding.

Paleo Chocolate Banana Pudding
[schema type=”recipe” name=”Paleo Chocolate Banana Pudding”  image=”” prepmins=”10″ cookmins=”5″ yield=”2″ ingrt_1=”1 ripe avocado” ingrt_2=”2 bananas” ingrt_3=”1/4 cup cocoa powder” ingrt_4=”1-2 tbsp honey or maple syrup (optional if using sweetened cocoa powder)” ingrt_5=”Sprinkle of chocolate chips (optional)” ingrt_6=”0-1/4 cup of coconut milk (optional, explained later)” ]


0.  Optional step:  You might want to put your avocado and bananas in the fridge to make sure they are chilled for some time before.  If not, you can also always chill your pudding after you’re done making it.
1.  Half your avocado, remove the pit and skin.   Cut it up in to a few pieces so it fits in to your blending device (next step).
2.  Peel your bananas, and slice it in to pieces.
3.  Throw your avocado, banana pieces, cocoa powder, and honey (if using)  in your blender , food processor or chopper, and blend!  I actually only made 1 serving (half of this recipe) so I just fit it all in my food chopper.
4.  After you blend everything well, you might want to add some coconut milk.  Here’s the dealio with the coconut milk.  I like to try out my pudding after I’ve blended it to see how much I like the consistency.  It varies from time to time because of difference sizes of avocado and bananas.  So if I want to make it more ‘liquidy’ then I add coconut milk and blend some more.
5.  Sprinkle some chocolate chips (totally optional!) on top and enjoy!

Paleo chocolate banana pudding



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