A Collection: Fun Paleo Halloween Recipes!

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Halloween is fun times!  However, it usually means tons of sugar and unhealthy stuff.  Good news!  Here are some fun AND healthy (or healthier…) paleo Halloween treats that I’ve gathered up to share with you! 

Candy Corn Popsicles

Paleo Halloween Snacks!

These candy corn popsicles from Paleo Girl’s Kitchen are not just cute, but are also good for you as it’s made of different fruits and coconut milk!  I love the idea!

Ghost Pops

Paleo Halloween Recipes!
These frightfully cute ghost pops from Nugget Market are super kid friendly!  They are made of bananas, shredded coconuts, and more!

Paleoween Stuffed Peppers

Paleo Halloween Food!

These Jack O’ Lantern stuffed peppers from French Twist D.C. are a great savory snack for halloween!  Cute and perfect for serving at a Halloween party!

Spooky Ghosts and Eyeballs

Paleo halloween snacks!

Another great treat kids will love.  These spooky ghosts and eyeballs from Equally Yolked are made from grapes!

Mummy Fingers

Paleo Halloween Recipes!

Another savory treat!  This recipe from Crossfit Zone is perfect for balancing all that sweet halloween treats that you might be having.

Paleo Mounds Candy

A classic treat for adults and kids both – some Paleo Mounds candy! Super easy to make and also super satisfying for everyone!  Recipe here.

You liked that didn't you? Here's more where that came from:


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