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Perfect Paleo Gifts for Paleo Friends and Family

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If you’re struggling to find paleo gifts for friends and family that live a Paleo lifestyle for the holidays, you’ve come to the right place!  Here are some awesome gift ideas for those that love being paleo.
I’ve divided this in to 3 sections:

  • Food related gifts you can buy at the store
  • Food gifts you can make yourself
  • Fitness related presents

Store Bought Presents

Paleo Gifts

Food Processor/Food Chopper

Food processors are great for paleo eaters (if they don’t already have one!).  Cooking at home and eating homemade foods is a big part of being paleo, and there are unlimited recipes that either require a food processor or will making cooking at home 290% easier if you have one!
If a Food Processor wasn’t in your price range, Food choppers are a pretty great substitute too!  Though it won’t be able to do a lot of the hardcore things like turn almonds magically to almond flour, it is still super useful for everyday cooking.

Crock Pot / Slow Cookers

Paleo Gifts
Crock-Pot / Slow Cookers are awesome because you can throw everything in there, come back a few hours, and feast your homemade paleo meal for DAYS.  If your paleo friend or family member doesn’t already have one… get one for them!

Instant Pot

Paleo Gifts
Ain’t no body got time for SLOW cookin’?  The new craze is the Instant Pot!  There are so many recipes these days of yummy paleo instant pot recipes, paleo eaters will totally love this present!

Kitchen Tools

Paleo Gifts

Sounds pretty broad, doesn’t it?  Let me specify.  As I mentioned before, cooking at home is a big part of being paleo.  There are a lot of kitchen tools that will aid cooking primal foods such as:

But if you want to get even more interesting/more paleo oriented… here are a few more:

Paleo Gifts

1.  Avocado Slicer.  Not every paleo person likes avocado, but most do and some eat lots and lots and lots and LOTS of it!  This little tool will help them get to its tasty green meat as soon as possible.

Paleo Gifts

2.  Julienne Peeler.  One of the things you cut out when you start eating paleo is noodles… unless you make zucchini or squash noodles!  This is a pretty common dish amongst the paleo community, and Julienne Peelers help get that job done.  Another alternative is the Mandolin Slicer.  However, if this isn’t enough of a present for you… then try:

Paleo Gifts
3. Paderno Slicer!   If you want to go all out on the peeler, this Spiral slicer is like one fancy-ass step up for making zucchini noodles.  Don’t believe me?  Check out this video that shows you what it is and what it does!  The action really starts at 1 min 49 sec.

Paleo Recipe Books

Paleo Gifts

Not sure if they even know how to cook?  Why not start them off on the path to!  There’s a large selection of Paleo Recipe Books you can find on Amazon!  Here are some just to name a few:


Make It Yourself Presents

Seasoned Nuts/Trail Mixes

Paleo Gifts
Spiced Nuts by

Nuts are probably the most popular paleo snack.  It’s healthy and it’s easy.  So why not season it up and give it a personal touch before handing it over as a gift?
Here are some good recipes to try out:

Spice Mixes

Paleo Gifts
Gingerbread Spice Mix by

A healthy way of approaching cooking is less salt, more spices.  That is why a lot of paleo recipes include a good spice mix.  So help out your paleo buddy by making a spice mix for them!
The steps are pretty similar to the one before, just mix up all the difference spices, put it in a mason jar, cap and ribbon and you’re done.  Here are some good ones to try:

You can also find more on this list by Wellness Mama!

Fitness Related Presents

Last but not least, many paleo eaters are also big fitness fans.  For example, a lot of paleo eaters are also CrossFitters.  After all, eating paleo is all about keeping your body healthy, and exercising is a very big part of keeping your body healthy.  So if your paleo friend or family is also in to keeping fit, here are some presents you can also check out:


Paleo Gifts
If your fitness friend works out in his/her home, weights are a great gift if you know they lift weights!  Kettlebells are also used commonly in CrossFit.  However, if they only work out at a gym or CrossFit gym, they may not need any weights.

Workout Apparel

Paleo Gifts

This is pretty standard fitness present.  If you know their size, it’s a great idea to get them new workout clothes or shoes (example: Reebok Women’s R Crossfit Nano 6-0 Cross-Trainer Shoe).  I know that I can never have enough workout apparel.

Don’t know their size?  No matter.  Gift cards to fitness clothing and shoe stores should do the trick!  I know that I personally prefer gift cards… that way I can pick out exactly what I want, instead of pretending to like the gift and then never wearing it again…

Beyond The Whiteboard

This gift is for CrossFitters.  Beyond The Whiteboard is a website that helps you:

  • Plan your workouts
  • Log your workouts and progress
  • Analyze your results

So if your giftee is a big CrossFit fan, they might enjoy getting a subscription to this website!

Hate all of those?  Here’s a really cool one!

Herb Garden

A lot of paleo and real food recipes call for yummy herbs.  Instead of always running to the store for fresh herbs, this Herb Garden would help paleo friends have it at their finger tips at all times!



[Thanks to reddit's r/paleo for reminding me about the existence of slow cookers, mandolin slicers, paderno slicers, and crossfit/fitness gifts!]
[Photo credit: Christmas Presents by Colleen McMahon]


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