Fun Paleo and Gluten Free Halloween Recipes

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Who here is excited for Halloween?  I AM!  But let’s face it – it sucks that it usually means consuming tons of sugar and unhealthy stuff.  So I put together a list of Halloween treats and snacks that are either paleo, gluten free, or just at least made with less junk than the usual sweets.  Here it is – Paleo and Gluten Free Halloween Recipes!

1.  Chocolate Pumpkin Candies

These chocolate pumpkin candies are made with actual pumpkin puree!

2.  Homemade Gummy Worms

Creepsters!  These gummy worms will put some fright to any halloween party!

3.  Raw Witch Fingers

These Raw Witch Fingers look nasty, which is just what you need for Halloween!  It’s made with walnuts, almonds, cashews and more!

4.  Skull Gummies

These skull gummies may look spooky but their ingredients aren’t!  Made with mostly coconut milk and and gelatin!

5.  Apple Cinnamon Gummy Candies

Speaking of adorable, check out these cute gummies.  These gummy candies mostly consist of gelatin and apple juice.

6.  Spooktacular Gummy Eyeballs

Spooktacular is the right word to describe these gummy eyeballs!  Perfect for kids!

THAT’S NOT ALL!!!  Here are some other awesome candy recipes to check out:


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