Experimenting Dinner with Dinner Lab: Mike Suppa Sultry Poultry

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As mentioned before, I joined a little something awesome called Dinner Lab – created for foodies (and most likely developed my foodies) that want to eat deliciously something that no one will probably get the chance to taste again.Update – Dinner Lab closed business in 2016.

Well, I got to ‘experiment’ another dinner event again with Dinner Lab a couple weeks ago. This time, the chef is Mike Suppa, who teamed up with Springer Mountain Farms.  The 5 course meal was made with naturally and humanely raised poultry and in Italian cuisine fashion.

In case you didn’t check out my last blog post about dinner lab, here’s a gist of what it is:

  • Talented chefs from across the world make you a delicious menu you can’t get any where else
  • Held at a secret location (no worries, no where too sketch, you just won’t know where until the day before)
  • With an open bar, and also some special pairings that come with the courses
  • And you get to meet other foodies and have fun conversations!

Here’s where it took place – Ambient Plus Studios:

Dinner Lab at Ambient Plus Studios
Dinner Lab at Ambient Plus Studios


Dinner Lab Setup
Dinner Lab Setup


Dinner Lab Wine
Wine from Open Bar

Okay, enough about all that we need to start looking at the delicious food that I got to inhale…

Dinner Lab Menu

Chicken Wings
chicken & gorganzola ballantine | Calabrian chili & carrot glaze | shaved celery salad

Dinner Lab Mike Suppa
Chicken Wings

Chicken Soup
roasted chicken consommé | sweet potato & ricotta tortellini | caramelized brussel sprouts | brown sugar bacon

Delicious Chicken Soup by Mike Suppa - Dinner Lab
Chicken Soup

Chicken Liver Ravioli
burgundy truffle | cauliflower floret | honeycrisp apple butter | brown butter & rosemary

Dinner Lab - Mike Suppa
Chicken Liver Ravioli

pancetta brined chicken | oregano crema | bell pepper gnocchi | late season tomato & porcini

Cacciatore - Mike Suppa - Dinner Lab

Flourless Chocolate Torte
dark chocolate butter cream | spiced cracklin & pecan | orange cello gelato

Flourless Chocolate Torte - Dinner Lab - Mike Suppa
Flourless Chocolate Torte

To be honest, every single course was delicious!  But here’s some faves that really stood out to me:  The Chicken Soup was amazing!!  Roasted chicken with the brown sugar bacon really gave it a special flavor – I mean even brussel sprout lovers were in!
Now, the soup would’ve been my favorite, but hands down, surprisingly to many (as some people didn’t think they would even like this) the BEST course of the night goes to… the Chicken Liver Ravioli!!  I have never had a more delicious Ravioli, and I’m not even a big fan of liver. The chicken liver flavor was just enough for you to recognize its presence, but not too strong that you felt like you just put a mouthful of Chicken Liver in your mouth. SO TASTY.
Anyway, I will say that the dinner was definitely a HIT, and of course I will be back to another episode of Dinner Lab again in the future!
Oh, and of course, I got the chance to chit chat with the chef himself, Mike Suppa!

To try Dinner Lab out yourself, you can head over to dinnerlab.com. You can also follow them on twitter and instagram.

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