Stuffed Cockroach Plush Pillow Review

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Have you ever thought – wow I wish I had a giant stuffed cockroach?  If so… you’re in luck! They exist! They’re on amazon!  Ok – this review is going to be QUIET SILLY as you probably have already noticed.  This post is a random Stuffed Cockroach Plush Pillow Review!

Stuffed Cockroach Plush Pillow Review

Here’s a cockroach.  A stuffed one.  Here’s what you can use it for:

  • Pretend you’re in a Fallout Video game and they are Radroaches
  • Get it for someone who’s last name is Roach
  • I would say get it for someone who loves cockroaches but………………. who does.

Okay – so seriously though if you’re looking for the actual review, it can be summed up really easily.  The quality is great, it’s full, and quite big – if you do want a stuffed cockroach, I recommend it.

Get Yours Here: UNIQME Creative Cockroach Plush Pillow

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