30+ Delicious Paleo Grilling Recipes (Gluten Free)

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I think we can all agree that Summer is Grilling season! One of my favorite ways to make food – it’s easy, and it just screams ‘cave man’ which is pretty awesome if you are eating a paleo diet! So here is 20+ Paleo Grilling Recipes including chicken, beef, lamb, seafood, and veggies!

By the way, a lot of these are also low carb / keto recipes. So if you’re cooking with a fellow keto eater, you can enjoy with them! Be sure to check out the carbs on the recipes if you are.

Chicken Recipes

"Tastes like chicken" - I'm not sure if this phrase is intended to be a compliment, but I sure think it is one! These Grilled Chicken recipes are definitely worth trying!

Beef Recipes

I love some beefy goodness - and that's what these recipes are. Burgers, Steaks, Kabobs - yum!


Not as common as chicken and beef but lamb is one of my fave meats. Here's two delicious Lamb Shish Kebab recipes to try!

Seafood Recipes

I love grilled seafood, something about grilling brings out the delicious flavors of seafood.

Veggies Recipes

Don't forget the veggies! Grilled veggies make a delicious side with all the meats, but these below are so good they could be the main dish themselves!

Looking for more delicious summer recipes like these paleo grilling recipes? Check out my Paleo Summer Recipes round up here!

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  1. Seriously, this all looks so wonderful! We will be grilling out every weekend through the end of Sept, maybe into Oct . . so these recipes are sure to keep me inspired. thanks

  2. I love grilling in the summer so I’m so excited for all these ideas! Just burgers and hot dogs gets boring after a while.

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