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20 Dishes Menu

Your 20 Dishes Kitchen Advisor: Me!

Eating paleo/gluten free sounds like an awesome plan, but it can get ridiculously time consuming!  What if I told you that you are making healthy eating way harder than it has to be?  How would you like learn how to prepare 7 meals every week in 60 minutes?  I’LL SHOW YOU HOW. This is going to give you more free time than you know what to do with!

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dinner lab

Experimenting Dinner with Dinner Lab: Chef Tan Uckan’s Cagdas Turk

I’ve always felt like cooking and eating is like science. You put a bunch of ingredients together like you’re in a lab (except it’s your kitchen) and then when you’re done, you eat it!  Going out to dinner is a bit different.  Instead of putting a bunch of ingredients together, you’re choosing a location, the food, and company.  If you’re like me and love food, exploring new foods, and interesting new concepts, then you just might be a huge fan of Dinner Lab.  If you hate reading – check out a simple video here.  If you love reading my words (and I know you do!)… read on! Continue reading

cantonese bbq duck

Big Wong BBQ & Grill

Are you a fan of Cantonese BBQ?  I AM!  So, I was sure excited when a new Cantonese BBQ place opened near my house!  Big Wong BBQ & Grill definitely looks out of place by the way, it’s totally located in what used to be a fast food restaurant.  But don’t judge a book by it’s cover like I did initially, cause the food was EXCELLENT. Continue reading