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Smoked Pork and Some Other Deliciousness at Cue

24 Sep

Cue is this restaurant I found in the Alpahretta area of Georgia.  The first time I’ve ever gone there, the food was good but I didn’t remember it well as I didn’t really have BBQ ever back then.  Now that I’ve had lots of yummy BBQ, I can vouch that this place is seriously delicious.  (Even Yelp agrees!) […]

Fox Brothers: Some Good Ol’ BBQ in the City

27 Jun

If St. Simons is a bit of a drive, maybe a BBQ joint in Atlanta will help!  Fox Brothers Bar-B-Q is kind of tucked away, so if you’re not purposefully looking for it or if it’s not anywhere you normally pass by, you’re not going to find it.  Yet, 3 PM on a random Tuesday afternoon, there were still plenty of people there to enjoy some Bar-B-Q. […]

The “Southern Soul” of Barbecue

25 Jun

You can’t leave out the South if you want some good BBQ! It’s definitely one of my favorite styles of food, and one of the best places I’ve ever had it is probably Southern Soul on St. Simons Island, Georgia.  You might recall my visit last time to St. Simons and Jekyll Island located in south Georgia a while back.  Food was good then, and food there is good now! […]

The “Southern Art” of Eating

18 Jun

In the next few series of blog posts I will be demonstrating some delicious food I’ve had recently here in Georgia, USA.  Starting with…  Southern Art Restaurant and Bourbon Bar! […]

The Hipster Pier 2 Art District and yummy Western food…in Taiwan!

25 May

I know you are curious about what American or Western food is like in Taiwan… but before I jump in to all the yummy food, let me give you some info in regards to this Art District because it’s pretty interesting: […]

A Lovely Wedding + Spectacular Food + Beach on St. Simons Island

4 Apr

There you go, that’s the equation for an amazing weekend!  Though obviously, there isn’t an awesome wedding to attend by the beach every weekend.  So for any other weekend:  Spectacular Food + Beach = Amazing Weekend. […]