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Big Wong BBQ & Grill

8 Mar

Are you a fan of Cantonese BBQ?  I AM!  So, I was sure excited when a new Cantonese BBQ place opened near my house!  Big Wong BBQ & Grill definitely looks out of place by the way, it’s totally located in what used to be a fast food restaurant.  But don’t judge a book by it’s cover like I did initially, cause the food was EXCELLENT. […]

Local Food, Cozy Atmosphere, and Southern Hospitality at Blue Ridge Grill

29 May

As you probably know by now, I am a lover of food.  I love making it and I love eating it (maybe even more!).  So, it was very fun times for me when I got join a couple members of the Atlanta Food Bloggers Alliance at a tasting event at Blue Ridge Grill to sample new items on their seasonal menu prepared by Chef Joe Brown. […]

Stewed Pork Knuckle Dinner at a Taiwanese Airport

13 Jun

Chef Teng is a well known restaurant chain in Taiwan.  Like any other chains though it started with one restaurant.    I learned that the background of Chef Teng is that he studied some french cuisine in Japan a while back and incorporated some French cuisine in to Taiwanese food, which I found interesting.  The most popular dishes are Beef Noodles Soup and Stewed Pork Knuckles.  Chef Teng’s has been around for years, and now there are several different locations, including at the Kaohsiung Airport! […]

Tea Time in Taiwan’s Bada Forest

5 Jun

I’ve spoken of Bada Forest in Pingtung, Taiwan before in a previous post.  Well, I got to visit it again a second time.  This time we had the chance to enjoy some tea in a forest of Mahogany trees. […]

鴨血: Make like a Vampire and Eat Some (Duck) Blood

30 May

“What do you mean ‘eat some duck blood’!?” You might ask.  Well, what I mean is exactly that.  Duck blood is eaten in some European and Asian countries.  For example, there’s the Czernina from Poland, and there’s Duck blood and vermicelli soup from China.  In Taiwan, it is usually made in to a tofu shape and is basically cubes of clotted duck blood.  (The redness of the soup is just Spicy  Mala Sauce btw… we don’t drink the blood.  That’s crazy!  :P) […]

The Hipster Pier 2 Art District and yummy Western food…in Taiwan!

25 May

I know you are curious about what American or Western food is like in Taiwan… but before I jump in to all the yummy food, let me give you some info in regards to this Art District because it’s pretty interesting: […]