what to buy organic

What to Buy Organic for Fruits and Vegetables

There are quite a few reasons to buy organic fruits and vegetables.  Some people buy it because it is better for the environment.  Some people buy it to support local small farmers.  Others buy it because they would like to avoid any harmful effects that pesticide residue can have on the body.  But did you know that some vegetables it’s more important to buy organic, while some aren’t as important?  Find out what to buy organic here!

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How to Eat Out Paleo

If you’re 100% on a strict paleo diet, eating out will be difficult. That’s why most people are not on the 100% strict paleo diet. Personally, I recommend being on the 80/20 paleo diet. 1 – It’s much easier to stick to, 2 – You still get to enjoy some things such as beer! 3 – You don’t have to be that annoying friend on the paleo diet that never hangs out with your friends because they like to eat out.

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