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36 Paleo Seafood Recipes

4 Aug

Are you eating meat like chicken and beef everyday?  They are easy to make and definitely paleo, but don’t forget that there’s a whole range/variety of seafood recipes you can make!  Remember, when you keep eating the same thing everyday you miss out on different nutrients and also different yummy recipes.  Hence, I rounded up 36 yummy paleo seafood recipes here! [...]

Easy Paleo Coconut Milk Curry Chicken

9 Jun

One of my most popular recipes is probably this Easy Coconut Milk Curry Chicken recipe.  It’s easy and it’s yummy, so I guess what’s not to like!  I guess, if you are a paleo eater that doesn’t like white potatoes, then you might not like it.  But that’s okay, because you can totally change it up and cook it with sweet potatoes like I do sometimes!  Here’s the recipe! [...]

Fun, Yummy, and Paleo Grill Recipes (Part II)

19 May

Fun, Yummy, and Paleo Grill Recipes (Part II)

The weather is warming up, and Memorial weekend is just around the corner… which can only mean one thing.  It’s time to GRILL!  That’s why I’m assembling a list of awesome paleo grilling recipes (similar to the one I did last year here).  Check it out! [...]

How To Cook Pan Fried Cod Easily and Yummily

3 Mar

pan fried cod

Not only is cod a great low calorie source of protein, it is also has lots of other health benefits.  It is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids (which is good for your heart), and packed with vitamins (such as B6, B12 and D).  So why aren’t you making them for dinner?  “Because I don’t know how!”   Well, we will fix that!  Check out how easy it is to pan fry cod: [...]

Easy Paleo Almond Crusted Pork Loin Chops

23 Dec

paleo pan fried pork chop

There are several ways to prepare pork chops.  This is a method of breading it… but in the paleo fashion!  How do you do that?  The answer is Almond meal (aka Almond flour).  Almond meal, almond flour is basically made from ground sweet almonds, which is much more nutritious than white flour. [...]