Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me more about your eating lifestyle!

  • It’s mostly paleo… but not 100%.  Actually, here’s a great post I wrote a while ago that just about sums it up:  Food Love!

You seem really, I mean… REALLY awesome.  How do I stalk you?

  • Slow down there, creepo!  Jk, you can head over to the About me page.
  • You can also stalk, I mean, FOLLOW me in several places!  You can follow me here:

Can I write about your recipes/blog post on my website/blog?  

  • Yes, as long as you 1) Let me know (and then I can share with my readers your post too!) and 2) You link back to the original recipe/blog post 3) Don’t include the whole recipe.  Ingredients is fine 🙂

I’m interested in collaborating with you!  This may be sharing a recipe, cross posting, or maybe something else!

  • Love it!  Let me know here.

I tried to post a comment to one of the blog posts, and it totally never posted, do you hate me?

  • No, I don’t think so (but I hardly know you so it’s too early to say).  What probably happened was it went straight to the Spam folder and then got deleted.  So, go ahead and send me a message and let me know about it so I can take care of it for ya 🙂

I tried some of your recipes, how come some of the cookies/desserts taste different than the normal version?  Did I do something wrong? 🙁

  • Fantastic question! It’s because they are a healthier version of the normal version!  So instead of being made out of white flour (which is questionably not that great for you these days), it’s been replaced with healthier substitutes such as almond meal/flour (made with grounded almond) or coconut flour (made from leftovers of coconut milk!).  So that’s why they taste different.  Some people are not used to the taste, while others love it.  For more information on those topics, feel free to contact me!

How can I contact you about things?  Such as other questions?

Okay, now go back to all the yummy food posts… for example these delish Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers: