Paleo Casseroles - Oh Snap! Let's Eat!

20+ Yummy Paleo Casseroles Recipes!

I love eating casseroles any time of the year, but don’t you just feel like they are the best during the cooler seasons?  I mean, you can’t have a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner without some type of casserole!  This is why I put together a Paleo Casserole Round Up – just in time for the chilly weather! I’ve included ones made with Beef, Pork, Chicken, Turkey, Veggies, and more!


30+ Delicious Paleo Italian Recipes!

I love Italian food for it’s delicious flavors, but I’m not a fan of how traditional Italian dishes are not exactly the healthiest cuisine.  You might not think you can paleo-fy Italian recipes, but that’s where you’re wrong!  Check out these 30+ delicious Paleo Italian Recipes everything from meatballs to lasagnas to pizzas! Continue reading