10 Yummy Paleo BBQ Sauces!

7 May

It’s getting pretty warm out there… perfect time for some BBQ!  Looking for BBQ sauces?  LOOK NO MORE.  I have 10 right here for you to try out – healthy, paleo, gluten free…. and delicious ones! […]

Paleo Margaritas, anyone? Okay, maybe just Paleo-ish?

2 May

All right, let’s not pretend.  If you are really trying to be super healthy, you probably won’t want to have any real margaritas.  But, for those of you that are in to both being healthy and having some fun…. then I have good news – I put together some ‘paleo’ (or as paleo as you can get it) margaritas for Cinco de Mayo! […]

The Easiest Paleo Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms

28 Apr

This is THE easiest way to make Paleo Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms.  Most recipes require you to cook the sausage beforehand, but what if you’re just feeling ridiculously lazy or you ain’t got no time for that! […]

20 Healthy, Paleo, and Vegan Smoothies!

21 Apr

Smoothies! A great snack or breakfast.  BUT NOT ALWAYS!  Pay attention when buying store bought smoothies… sometimes they seem healthy, but really aren’t.  Since the warm weather is here, which makes me crave smoothies,  I’ve rounded up an awesome list of yummy healthy, vegan, and paleo smoothies! […]

Pan Fried Salmon with Coconut Bell Pepper Puree

13 Apr

bell pepper puree on pan fried salmon

I absolutely love experimenting and creating new recipes!  To tell the truth it is not always a success… but this time it definitely was!  Here’s an easy and delicious paleo dinner made for two (or more):  Pan Fried Salmon with Coconut Bell Pepper Puree Blend. […]

Easy Paleo Lemon Chicken

6 Apr

The other day I was super duper craving for some Lemon Chicken.  As much as I love popping things in the oven and just walking off, I also, have way too many pots and keep a lot of crap in the oven when I’m not using it and I was not about to take like 10 mins trying to shift things around!  SOOOOO…. stove top it is! […]