A Paleo Round Up: 50+ Paleo Soups

26 Feb

Is it not COLD or what?  You know what’s PERFECT when you’re cold?  Yep, a bowl of hot soup… maybe even a whole pot.  Hey, I don’t judge! […]

Happy Chinese New Year! Paleo Chinese Recipes!

19 Feb

Just wanted to say Happy New Year (新年快樂)… Lunar Calendar wise!  It’s the year of the sheep (or goat).  That’s all.  Well, almost all of it.  Wanted to repost all these yummy Paleo Chinese recipes from my Paleo Asian Roundup in case you’re in the mood for some Chinese on Chinese New Year! […]

Paleo Valentine’s Day Recipes Galore!!

11 Feb

All right, maybe not a GALORE, but I did find some good Valentine’s day recipes if you are looking to eat in for your romantic festivities.  I got appetizers, entrees, side dishes, and desserts! […]

25 Yummy Paleo Super Bowl Recipes!

1 Feb

chicken chick fil a gluten free

Probably a bit late for those of you that aren’t procrastinators, but for those of you that are… I have great news!  One of my favorite things is looking at the newest yummiest recipes, and since the Super Bowl is tonight…. well, you can guess what kind of recipes I’ve been looking up!  So here’s 25 delish Super Bowl recipes I put together: […]

Zucchini Noodles and Paleo Sauces To Go With It!

19 Jan

Going no carbs?  Or maybe just would rather eat something more nutrient dense than normal pasta?  Paleo? Gluten Free?  Well, you get where I’m going here.  Make Zucchini Noodles aka Zoodles! […]

An Easy Appetizer: Paleo Bacon Tilapia Bites

11 Jan

Out of Appetizer ideas?  Here’s something you can try!  Bacon + Tilapia!  Tasty… and it’s also great because it’s SUPER easy!  Just put it together, pop it in the oven, do something else, come back and eat it! […]