The Ultimate Paleo Fall Recipes Round Up!

9 Sep

I can’t say fall is my FAVORITE season, but food wise – it is freakin’ awesome!  So, here’s what you’ve been waiting for!!!  I’ve gathered all these delicious yummy fall recipes from all the awesome paleo and gluten free bloggers I love.  Here’s the ultimate Paleo Fall Recipes Round Up – with 80+ recipes including breakfast, beverages, entrees, soups, desserts, and more! [...]

An Introduction: 20 Dishes

1 Sep

You might be wondering – what in the world is this “20 Dishes” she speaks of.  Well, that’s because it’s NEW!  A bunch of my fellow paleo and primal blogger buddies put together an awesome solution for those of you that might struggle with eating paleo such as time consuming food preparation, expensive shopping list.  20 Dishes helps you easily find healthy paleo recipes, plan out your week’s meals, create your shopping lists, and provides what you need to create a week of Paleo meals in less than an hour! [...]

25 Paleo Breakfast Ideas – From Eggs to “Oatmeal” to Hashes

26 Aug

Struggling with what to eat for breakfast that’s paleo?  There are tons of ideas out there!  Here are a few just for starters.  I’ve grouped them in to 5 groups:  Eggs, sausages, hashes, “oatmeal/cereal”, and smoothies!  Of course, I encourage you to find your own variations and do share! [...]

10 Healthiest Veggies You Should Eat More

18 Aug

Eat more veggies!  But are all veggies created equal?  No!  I did some research in to what veggies you get the most out of nutrients-wise!  Here are 10 super nutrient veggies that you should be eating more of! [...]

A Visit to an Organic Chinese Vegetable Garden

11 Aug

A couple weeks ago, I got the chance to visit a 100% organic vegetable garden that my mom’s friends own.  They turned their backyard in to a lush garden full of veggies! In fact, they couldn’t give away their fruits and veggies fast enough (which is great, because I get to get in on some of it!)  Anyway, super inspiring – I would love to try this some day when I have time.   [...]

36 Paleo Seafood Recipes

4 Aug

Are you eating meat like chicken and beef everyday?  They are easy to make and definitely paleo, but don’t forget that there’s a whole range/variety of seafood recipes you can make!  Remember, when you keep eating the same thing everyday you miss out on different nutrients and also different yummy recipes.  Hence, I rounded up 36 yummy paleo seafood recipes here! [...]