5 Most Interesting Christmas Traditions Around The World

A lot of what we do here in the states for Christmas is similar to Thanksgiving.  If you look up what’s under United States on Wikipedia’s list of Christmas Dishes, at the bottom you will even see “See also: Thanksgiving (the dishes tend to be similar)”.  As for activities, we gather around with family and friends and exchange gifts.  Well, enough about Christmas traditions we are familiar with… Here’s what I found to be the most interesting Christmas traditions around the world!

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Here are some cool websites about paleo or healthy food and recipes that I like to visit!  You can check them out too: Paleo Recipes A Girl Worth Saving The Domestic Man Paleo Magazine Grok Grub My Heart Beets The Paleo Fix Greens of the Stone Age Paleo Grubs The Curious Coconut Predominantly Paleo Paleo Diet Lifestyle Primal Palate Everyday Paleo Life As A Plate PaleOMG TGIPaleo Real Food Forager Paleo Spirit Paleo Living Other Things I Love (Paleo or Not!) Paleo Related Things on Amazon Wei Chen Hui Artworks

Guilt-Free Desserts… with Avocados!

When you hear the word “Avocado”, you might think dishes such as guacamole or salads… but have you tried them as desserts?  After research on paleo desserts, I’ve come across a few interesting avocado desserts recipes.   Wait a minute… aren’t avocados full of FAT?!  Yes, but they are actually full of the good fat, monounsaturated fat, which actually lowers cholesterol, hence the guilt-free-ness of these desserts!  Here are three yummy and paleo desserts made with Avocados:

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Thanksgiving or Christmas Paleo Stuffing (Part I)

During planning of my Paleo Thanksgiving, I’ve come across two parts of the meal that is more difficult to create paleo-friendly than the others:  Stuffing and Dessert.  And by “difficult”, I mean I actually have to think about about this one, because the other parts such as turkey and veggies are already pretty paleo-friendly. So upon research, there’s different types of stuffing we can go with –  bread based and meat based.  Since I’m ridiculously lazy and don’t care for the bread part, I liked the meat based ones I found more.  But here’s what I found:

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