Eating Paleo at El Porton Mexican Restaurant

Guys Guys Guys Guys GUYS.  ZOMG.  This is one of my fave things to eat ever.  El Porton is a Mexican restaurant (if you couldn’t guess by the name).  I originally thought there was only 1, and it was in Duluth, but since then I’ve discovered there’s another one in Jones Bridge, and actually 3 additional ones as well in Georgia.  If your’e trying to eat Paleo at El Porton (and eat delicious) – check out my recommendations.

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Luncheon at Prime Sushi and Steak House

At some point in time, someone came up with the concept of sushi and steak combination.  Now, we’re not sure who, but Prime claims that they are “known as one of the first restaurants to be a sushi and steak house concept”.  I’m not so sure about that one, but the several times I’ve been there, their food has not dissapoint!

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