The Ultimate Paleo Thanksgiving Recipes Roundup!

Isn’t it interesting how the second Halloween is over, every seems to automatically turn in to Holiday season? While I don’t appreciate hearing Christmas songs while shopping this early on, I will say I am very excited about… you guessed it… Thanksgiving food!  So, I put together this GIANT collection of Gluten Free and Paleo Thanksgiving Recipes – there’s mashed potatoes, pumpkin sides, butternut squash sides, cranberry sauce, turkey, pies, custards, gravy, and even beverages!  Get ready to start drooling while you go over this list!

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Roasted Lemon-Thyme Chicken with Fall Veggies

I’ve lived in the lower-North East U.S. all of my life. From Pittsburgh, to White Plains, NY, landing in Philadelphia, and now in middle-of-nowhere Ohio. And in all of these places, fall seems to come on FAST and disappear into winter just as quickly. So we kind of have to jump from flip-flops-and-shorts to hoodies-and-hats very quickly, or we miss out on this season altogether.

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Paleo Fall Recipes

The Ultimate Paleo Fall Recipes Round Up!

I can’t say fall is my FAVORITE season, but food wise – it is freakin’ awesome!  So, here’s what you’ve been waiting for!!!  I’ve gathered all these delicious yummy fall recipes from all the awesome paleo and gluten free bloggers I love.  Here’s the ultimate Paleo Fall Recipes Round Up – with 80+ recipes including breakfast, beverages, entrees, soups, desserts, and more!

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