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Perfect Gifts for Paleo Friends and Family

12 Dec

christmas gifts for paleo people

If you’re struggling to find the perfect present for friends and family that live a Paleo lifestyle for the holidays, you’ve come to the right place!  Here are some awesome gift ideas for those that love being paleo. […]

Paleo Christmas Cookies Roundup (Part II)

9 Dec

christmas cookies

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  Well, I’m not sure if it really does, but check out the snow on the site!  Also, due to popular demand around this time of the year, I have assembled this Paleo Christmas Cookies Round Up Part II!  (If you’re looking for last years, it’s here!)  Remember, it’s always awesome when you contact me with ideas of what kind of recipes you’re interested in seeing! […]

Healthy and Paleo Thanksgiving/Christmas Side Dishes To Try!

25 Nov

paleo christmas side dish

Don’t lie, on Thanksgiving you’re going to gorge yourself, and you’re most likely not even going to try NOT to!  You plan on it!  Well, it’s okay.  At least you can make some healthier side dishes so that you don’t feel TOO horrible about it! […]

Paleo Thanksgiving Desserts: Make One, Make All! (Part II)

18 Nov

thanksgiving desserts

It’s fastly approaching!  Thanksgiving, of course.  I know you’re probably like me, gathering up recipes to make for the big day.  If you liked last year’s Thanksgiving Desserts round up, you’re also going to enjoy this year’s!  Here we go… […]

Thanksgiving or Christmas Paleo Stuffing (Part II)

11 Nov

Remember last year when I assembled some yummy Thanksgiving stuffing recipes?  Well, it’s about that time again to start planning!  Paleo stuffing might sound difficult to make because of all that gluten-filled bread stuffing, but there are plenty of recipes to choose from!   Here are some stuffing recipes to check out: […]

Paleo Christmas Cookies Roundup (Part I)

17 Dec

Christmas cookies is something a lot of us look forward around this time of the year, but can you eat all the cookies you want and not hate yourself?  Well, that probably depends on how much cookies you want, but why not try making some paleo cookies and at least feeling a little bit better about yourself!