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Easy Paleo Omelette with Summer Vegetables

Easy Paleo Omelette with Summer Vegetables

As mentioned before, I love eating seasonably.  There are many reasons for it, and plus, there are just so many yummy summer veggies!  So for breakfast, I decided to make an Omelette with Summer Vegetables.  You can really add/remove/modify the ingredients list (here’s what’s in season!), but what I have included is mini bell peppers and tomatoes. Continue reading

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Leftover Egg Yolks: 10 Things To Do With Them

Let’s say you found the perfect paleo coconut macaroons recipe, (or any other recipe that only calls for egg whites).  You made it, it was a success (or not!) but now you’re left with a bunch of extra egg yolks you don’t know what to do with!  So what should you do?  I guess you can throw it out, but it breaks my heart a little to know that all this egg yolk is going to waste.  So here’s a list of ideas I’ve assembled on what you can do: Continue reading

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Paleo and Healthy Avocado Deviled Eggs

If you haven’t figured out yet, I am a fan of avocados and eggs!  For example, I am a fan of putting an egg in an avocado.  Well, it was only a matter of time I put an avocado… in an egg!  (Not really how you’d imagine it…) So I present you a Avocado Deviled Eggs recipe, or aka Guacamole Deviled Eggs! Continue reading

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A Collection: Gluten Free and Paleo Breakfast Ideas

After switching over to the a gluten free or paleo diet, a lot of people struggle with breakfast ideas, since they are ditching food choices such as cereal and toast. While some paleo eaters just eat whatever types of food (doesn’t have to be “breakfast” type of food), I still prefer to have breakfast-y kinds of food. So here’s a collection of my gluten free and paleo breakfast recipes! Continue reading


Farm Fresh, Free Range, Cage Free, Organic… What’s the difference?

So you’re trying to eat paleo or healthy and that includes eggs, but what’s up with all the different types of eggs you can get?! Farm fresh? That sounds delicious… cage free? What’s the difference between that and free range?  What about organic eggs? Are those fresh from the farm like “farm fresh” eggs sound like they are? Continue reading