Paleo Red White and Blue Potato Salad

Memorial Day is the unofficial official kick-off to summer! And I can hardly wait! Summer is BBQ season and I love me some good BBQ. Not because of the meats, sauce, hot dogs or pie. Nope, my favorite part about BBQs are the sides! I know what you are thinking… If you are Paleo you can’t eat most of the sides. You’re Wrong!  That’s where this Paleo Red White and Blue Potato Salad comes in!

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tomato mushroom spinach salad

Super Easy Tomato, Mushroom, Spinach Salad

Three awesome things about this salad. One, it’s super freakin’ easy.  Two, it looks beautiful.  Three, It’s healthy and paleo!  You might be thinking – well, it’s a salad, so of course it’s healthy – but you’d be wrong.  There are plenty of salads out there that’s not and usually it’s due to the dressing.  This salad, not the case!

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