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My Favorite Animal: Sloths!

My Favorite Animal:  Sloths!

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Yes, this is a fun (and random) post about SLOTHS!  I mean, just look at them!  They are ridiculously adorable, and I want one!  Unfortunately, it’s pretty hard to own one here in the states.  They cost thousands of dollars, and they have special grooming and diet needs.  However, in other countries like Panama, they are a more common pet than around here.  Maybe I will move there for sloths! Okay, maybe not.

Anyway, here are some fun facts about sloths:

  • It was believed that sloths can sleep up to 18 hours a day. (Boy, am I jealous!)  However, recent studies show that they might only sleep 10 hours a day, and just move so little that it seems they are asleep so much of the time.
  • One of sloth’s biggest predators is the eagle.  Scientists say the sloth’s slowness may be an evolution adaptation to help them not be seen by the eagles.
  • Sloth’s lack of activity causes algae to grow in their fur!  This actually helps them camouflage in the trees from eagles that want to eat some sloth meat.
  • They go pee-pee and poo-poo about once a week by moving down to the ground level and digging a hole.  After they’re done with their business, they cover it up and move back up to the trees.
  • They sometimes remain hanging from branches after death. (But I don’t want to think about sloths dying 🙁 )
Now, enjoy some cutesy/badass pictures of sloths:


Another cutie baby sloth.

Look how small!

What a chill animal! I want one NOW.

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Wednesday 7th of May 2014

Adorable <3

Marg Swarnabhoomi

Monday 28th of May 2012

This animal is soo cute.thank you for sharing. marg swarnabhoomi