Taiwanese Goat Dinner in Taiwanese Night Market

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I absolutely love lamb, mutton, and goat meat.  However, it gets a little confusing sometimes because the word for Lamb, Mutton, Goat, Sheep, that type of animal is all the same word in mandarin Chinese (羊肉), so for a while I couldn’t figure out what I was actually having, it’s actually goat! Here’s my Taiwanese Goat Dinner I had in the night market!

Lamb with Big Bones Soup
Goat with Big Bones Soup

So this meal was had at the same night market I had been the day after I had arrived in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.  It was from a street vendor specializing in goat, and these are really my favorite type of meal, the ones from street vendors.  Even here in Atlanta, I often feel like a lot of Hole-in-the-Wall places are the best!

Anyway, so yeah, goat, I love it, and I had a delicious dinner of it!  Here’s all the things we ordered (including the first pic up above):

Bitter melon Lamb
Bitter melon goat
Lamb cooked with Veggies on Rice
Goat cooked with Veggies on Rice
Taiwanese Goat Dinner
Sliced Goat with Rice Noodles in Soup
Taiwanese Goat Dinner
Goat Slices with Veggies and Rice Noodles
Taiwanese Goat Dinner
Goat Soup

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