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Eating Paleo at Farm Burger

Eating Paleo at Farm Burger

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As I mentioned before, Farm Burger is a pretty neat place! Not only are the burgers at Farm Burger delicious, they also source their food locally, which is also a pretty attractive quality!  Want to eat Paleo at Farm Burger?  Not hard – read on!

If you haven’t been to Farm Burger before, let me tell you how it work, and what I get to make it a yummy paleo meal

Pick your meat… or not!

  • Beef (grassfed, antibiotic and hormone-free, locally raised)
  • Chicken (grassfed, antibiotic and hormone-free, locally raised)
  • Veggie quinoa burger – perfect for if you got a vegetarian friend, but if you’re paleo, you might want to avoid it.

I go for the beef usually, but once I ended up going there twice in one week with different groups of friends so I had the chicken burger – still yum.
Farm Burger 4

Pick what you want with your meat… or not.

Then you pick the ingredients in your burger!  There’s plenty of ingredients to pick and they are mostly priced from free to $2, with the exception of a Roasted Bone Marrow for $3!  (Btw, dang, how paleo is that!)  Here’s one of the Farm Burger location’s menu if you want to check it out.
This is usually what I get:

  • Roasted Garlic (Free)
  • Fresh Jalapenos (Free)
  • Tomato (Free)
  • Red Onion (Free)
  • Smoked Paprika Mayo (Free)
  • Fried Farm Egg ($1) – Btw you HAVE to try an egg in your burger if you haven’t cause holy cow YUM YES OMG YES.
  • Pork Belly ($2) – If you’re grossed out – you just hate bacon, and I don’t know what to do with you.  😛  But seriously, adding pork belly REALLY bumps of the amazing delicious factor for me.  There’s also normal bacon you can add if that’s more your thing.

If you order the lunch special you get fries with it so boom:
Farm Burger 2

Make it Paleo, Gluten Free, or Not.

Ok, with all this deliciousness I’m about to make it Paleo.  To make it paleo you just ask for it Lettuce Wrapped.
Trust me, it’s delicious.  You see, Farm Burger is a place I used to go as my ‘cheat’ meal.   I don’t even want to call it that because I have a whole different theory on dieting and cheat meals, but basically when I go there I know it’s not going to be 100% paleo.  So I used to get the normal bun.  However, I tried the Lettuce ‘bun’ and I couldn’t believe how satisfying it was!  Def give it a try.
Now if you hate lettuce or think I’m a liar, you can try the Gluten Free bun for a dollar and something extra.  I haven’t tried it myself so I’m not sure if it’s super amazing or not.
If you’re like, whatevs, I’m ready to destroy my diet today (totally jk), you can get the normal bun if you want.  I can’t tell you what to do!

In conclusion

Farm Burger is delicious and I love food.
Farm Burger 3

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Thursday 18th of January 2018

They use soy oil in everthing


Monday 14th of March 2016

Ohhh - this place looks great! And I just found that they have Cali locations too :) Berkeley + Marin in Norcal.


Monday 14th of March 2016

Yes! There's some in cali! They're delicious! Check them out if you get a chance :)