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Eating Paleo at El Porton Mexican Restaurant

Eating Paleo at El Porton Mexican Restaurant

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Guys Guys Guys Guys GUYS.  ZOMG.  This is one of my fave things to eat ever.  El Porton is a Mexican restaurant (if you couldn’t guess by the name).  I originally thought there was only 1, and it was in Duluth, but since then I’ve discovered there’s another one in Jones Bridge, and actually 3 additional ones as well in Georgia.  If your’e trying to eat Paleo at El Porton (and eat delicious) – check out my recommendations.

Ok, so what is the big deal with this place? Well, there are some really amazing dishes here.  If you’re just looking for the standard American-ized Mexican – they have it here.  But that’s not what I’m freaking out about.  I’m freaking out about a few things.  Here they are and I WILL leave the best to last.

Guacamole Mexicano

This isn’t that cray, I know.  It’s Guac.  You’ve had it before, I’ve had it before, pretty much any one that’s been to a Mexican restaurant has.  But this Guacamole Mexicano from El Porton is pretty delish.  Description: “Fresh guacamole made at your tableside!!! Ripe avocados, tomatoes, onions, cilantro and jalapeños with just a hint of lime. Made to your taste..!!”  Ok, I feel like the last couple of times I went they did NOT make it at my table side BUT it was still made fresh and it tasted very good.  Don’t get this one mixed up with the one they don’t make fresh.  That one is not as yum.

Chile Colorado

Love beef?  This is an awesome option.  Here’s the description: “Beef chunks in a delicious red chile sauce. Served with beans, rice and corn or flour tortillas.”  That red chile sauce – mmmmmm, goes super well with the beef!  Obvi if you’re going to be all healthy and paleo about it you can skip the beans, rice, and tortilla.

Chile Verde

If you like pork, you’ve got to try this!  Just be warned that this is probably one of the most unphotogenic dish of food I’ve ever eaten (and I’ve had pork brains before).  It’s because the pork tips are topped witha  tomatillo sauce… it’s just… so green.. and sloppy everywhere looking.  But if you can get over that part – zomg so delish.  As mentioned, you can skip the beans, rice, and tortilla if your’e trying to be more paleo.

Steak and Chicken Molcajete!!!!!!!!

Ok, you guessed it.  This one is my fave!!! On the menu it’s actually called “Molcajete for two” but last I heard they have a Molcajete for one now.  But if you’re a BEAST then you can get the for two for yourself because I’ve actually witnessed this before – it’s that good.

Description: “A traditional feast for all…!!! A sizzling lava stone bowl filled with green tomatillo sauce, grilled chicken, grilled marinated skirt steak, grilled onions, chunks of pineapple with grilled Mexican supremo cheese. Served with rice, charro beans and your choice of corn or flour tortillas.”

NOM NOM NOM.  You also get an option to add Shrimp, but since I break out in hives if I eat farm raised shrimps which is what almost all restaurants server, I never get it.

Anyway, pictures = thousands words or whatever that saying goes… so here’s the Molcajete:

paleo at el porton

I usually remove the giant pieces I’m definitely going to cut up:

paleo at el porton

I cut these in to pieces so that everyone at the table can share.  Some folks eat it with the tortilla, and I’ve tried that before and it definitely goes super well with that cactus IMO, but just FYI that is kind of an acquired taste.  If you’re trying to be more paleo, I’d skip the chihuahua cheese (unless you’re okay with dairy.  It’s really good.) and the tortilla, beans, and rice.

Have you eaten here before?  If so, what did you think? Also, if you’re looking for just general tips on how to eat paleo at Mexican restaurants… there’s this too:  Eating Paleo at Mexican Restaurants.

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