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Gu’s Bistro (Now, Gu’s Kitchen)

Gu’s Bistro (Now, Gu’s Kitchen) – Now, if you’re not familiar with Szechuan (or aka Sichuan) cuisine (四川菜), a quick overview is that the flavor is bold, and commonly spicy.  A popular style is called Mala (麻辣) and is basically a mixture of spicy and numbness (from the Chinese peppercorns added in Mala dishes).  If you’re interested in awesome Mala dishes, …

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Stewed Pork Knuckle Dinner at a Taiwanese Airport

Chef Teng is a well known restaurant chain in Taiwan.  Like any other chains though it started with one restaurant.    I learned that the background of Chef Teng is that he studied some french cuisine in Japan a while back and incorporated some French cuisine in to Taiwanese food, which I found interesting.  The most popular dishes …

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