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Healthy, Vegan, and Paleo Smoothies, Part II

17 Mar

Did you know that Spring officially starts on March 20 this year?  That’s this Thursday!! In celebration of the temperature finally warming up… I’ve gathered an awesome list of yummy healthy, vegan, and paleo smoothies.  (Btw, if you’re looking for part I of this collection, it’s located here.) [...]

A Collection: Gluten Free and Paleo Breakfast Ideas

29 Jul

After switching over to the a gluten free or paleo diet, a lot of people struggle with breakfast ideas, since they are ditching food choices such as cereal and toast. While some paleo eaters just eat whatever types of food (doesn’t have to be “breakfast” type of food), I still prefer to have breakfast-y kinds of food. So here’s a collection of my gluten free and paleo breakfast recipes! [...]

Healthy and Paleo Apple Banana Smoothie

22 Jul

As I said in my last post… smoothies are perfect for the summer as a breakfast or snack! But those store bought ones… are questionable when it comes to nutrition value. So here’s a real easy, healthy, paleo and vegan smoothie to try out because it is also delicious!! [...]

Healthy, Vegan, and Paleo Smoothies, Part I

15 Jul

Smoothies are a great snack or breakfast… if you get the ingredients right!  Beware of store bought smoothies though, as they may try to sell you on health factor, when it really falls short on nutrition value.  That’s why I’ve been collecting a list of great healthy smoothies to try out at home, where you can trust where your ingredients are coming from.  Here they are, with ingredients ranging from bananas to kale to chocolates!


Baked Hard “Boiled” Eggs

29 Apr

Did you know that you don’t even have to even heat up a pot of water to make some hard boiled eggs?  It’s true!  Surprisingly, the easiest way that I’ve found to make hard boiled eggs… is to bake them! [...]