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10 Vegetables You Can Regrow from Kitchen Scrap

21 Apr

You heard right!  You can regrow these common veggies you probably already have at your house.  Think about how many times you’ve cooked these vegetables and then threw it right away without thinking, whoa I can totally regrow this thing and save a couple bucks.  Well, you can start regrowing them now.  Here are the vegetables! [...]

Spring Veggies and Fruits… What’s In Season, What To Eat!

25 Mar

Spring Veggies and Fruits… What’s In Season, What To Buy! | Oh Snap! Let's Eat!

Why should you eat vegetables and fruits in season?  Plenty of reasons  including the fact that veggies and fruits in season are more nutritious, more tasty, and that it’s easier on your wallet than their non-season counterparts!  Since it’s officially Spring, here are 10 veggies and 10 fruits that are in season, along with some yummy recipes to try! [...]

What to Buy Organic for Fruits and Vegetables

5 Aug

There are a few reasons to buy organic fruits and vegetables.  Some people buy it because it is better for the environment.  Some people buy it to support local small farmers.  Others buy it because they would like to avoid any harmful effects that pesticide residue can have on the body. [...]