Paleo Mess of Greens with Bacon (with Chard, Collards or Mustard Greens)

What do you do with an abundant amount of garden greens? Especially when you’re the only one that eats them? Bacon. The answer to all the world’s problems. Bacon. This is a simple recipe from my grandma that she taught me and used to get all her kids to eat their greens. Add a little bacon and butter (or coconut oil) and there you go. My family of two (plus dogs) can devour 5 pounds of greens easily in one sitting. Thanks Grandma and of course, Bacon!

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A Visit to an Organic Chinese Vegetable Garden

A couple weeks ago, I got the chance to visit a 100% organic vegetable garden that my mom’s friends own.  They turned their backyard in to a lush garden full of veggies! In fact, they couldn’t give away their fruits and veggies fast enough (which is great, because I get to get in on some of it!)  Anyway, super inspiring – I would love to try this some day when I have time.  

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what to buy organic

What to Buy Organic for Fruits and Vegetables

There are quite a few reasons to buy organic fruits and vegetables.  Some people buy it because it is better for the environment.  Some people buy it to support local small farmers.  Others buy it because they would like to avoid any harmful effects that pesticide residue can have on the body.  But did you know that some vegetables it’s more important to buy organic, while some aren’t as important?  Find out what to buy organic here!

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