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My Top Ten Recipes of All Times!

21 Mar

I was curious the other day which of my posts are the most popular, and so I checked my Site Stats.  Then I was like, oh man, those were fun posts… why not share them with you all!  So here it is.  My top ten recipes! […]

25+ Paleo St. Patrick’s Day Recipes!

12 Mar

Did you know that my favorite color ever is green?  Hence, I am excited for St. Patrick’s Day!  Let’s make everything green!  Including our food. And no, I don’t mean with artificial food coloring and junk.  Here’s 25+ Paleo and Gluten Free Recipes for St. Paddy’s – Sweet or Savory. […]

Easy Chinese Shrimp Fried Rice

4 Mar

All right, stop begging! I’m finally going to post my mom’s Shrimp Fried Rice recipe!  I know I’ve dangled pictures of it on instagram (manytimes) long enough.  So I apologize for the wait!  If you eat gluten-free, you’re in luck because it is!  If you’re paleo, maybe you can have some rice on your cheat day. :) […]

A Paleo Round Up: 50+ Paleo Soups

26 Feb

Is it not COLD or what?  You know what’s PERFECT when you’re cold?  Yep, a bowl of hot soup… maybe even a whole pot.  Hey, I don’t judge! […]

Happy Chinese New Year! Paleo Chinese Recipes!

19 Feb

Just wanted to say Happy New Year (新年快樂)… Lunar Calendar wise!  It’s the year of the sheep (or goat).  That’s all.  Well, almost all of it.  Wanted to repost all these yummy Paleo Chinese recipes from my Paleo Asian Roundup in case you’re in the mood for some Chinese on Chinese New Year! […]

Paleo Valentine’s Day Recipes Galore!!

11 Feb

All right, maybe not a GALORE, but I did find some good Valentine’s day recipes if you are looking to eat in for your romantic festivities.  I got appetizers, entrees, side dishes, and desserts! […]