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A Cookbook Review: Well Fed 2

A Cookbook Review:  Well Fed 2

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As many of you probably already know.  I love everything about food.  What’s not to love?  Cooking is fun, eating is AWESOME!  So, you might be surprised to find that I have never had a physical hard copy cook book before!  Yep, like many of you out there, I’ve always done all my researching through the web.  So that is why I was very excited when I received my review copy of Well Fed 2: More Paleo Recipes for People Who Love to Eat by Melissa Joulwan.

As it turns out, this book is more than just a cookbook.  Melissa outlines many helpful tips for healthy eating.  It starts with a good introduction of what is “the paleo diet”, reasons for going paleo, and also talks about how to go paleo without too much impact to your lives (Think, “How to be a Paleo Social Butterfly” when you’re eating healthy, but of course not all your friends are.)

Are you new to cooking at home or cooking healthy at home?  No problem, there’s a huge section on this too, called “The Paleo Kitchen”.  From kitchen tools to suggestions on what to keep in your pantry to cooking terminology, there is everything you need to get started on healthy cooking and eating!

All right, I know this is the part you are really looking for!  Recipes!!  Here’s something cool beans about Well Fed 2, there are different types of recipes, depending on what you’re looking for.  1)  There’s your recipes where you have a set of ingredients, and you follow the instructions, and you’re good. 2)  There’s ALSO a bunch of recipes where you can create variations of what you are probably already making in the kitchen!

Think about that.  Meals you make all the time.  Think, “Grilled Chicken Breast”.  You’ve probably made it a million time snow.  There’s nothing wrong with the way you are making it, but maybe you just want to switch it up/spice it up once in a while.  There is an entire section on sauces and seasoning in Well Fed 2 perfect for this.  I should also note, that there’s a great section called “Burgers, Balls, and Bangers” that contains variations of ways you can make burgers, meat balls, and sausages.

Overall, I think that Well Fed 2 has a lot to offer for those of you that are looking to either start eating healthier, or continue eating healthier.  So, are you ready to be well fed now (I know, I’m hilarious…)?

I received a copy of this Well Fed 2 cookbook in exchange for this review.
However, all opinions are my own!

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