pickled jalapeno

Easy Paleo Pickled Jalapeños

If you haven’t figured this one out, I LOVE SPICY.  Like many spicy food lovers, I’m a fan of delicious pickled jalapenos.  It goes so well with everything!  So, of course I had to make some myself.  These easy paleo pickled jalapeños are incredibly easy to make and they are even more delicious than pickled jalapenos I’ve had elsewhere!

Paleo Labor Day Recipes

The Ultimate Paleo Labor Day Recipes Roundup!

To me and probably many others, Labor Day weekend is kind of the last chance to do something awesome outdoors to celebrate summer before Fall.  Hence, you better be ready to celebrate it with some delicious food!  So, I put together a gazillion (or 87 to be exact) Paleo Labor Day recipes to try!  From grilled meats, to burgers, to slaws to sweets and more!

Paleo Chicken Caesar Salad

Paleo Chicken Caesar Salad Recipe

I just got back from an amazing vacation in Toronto, Ontario with my mom, and of course, while we were there we ate like queens. There were so many amazing and different recipes that I got to try, and yet, when I got home, the first thing that I wanted to do was my take on the super-simple Caesar salad that I had in the hotel restaurant one night.