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Introducing Yummly

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If you’re like me and love to cook and love to eat (who doesn’t?!) then you just might be a huge fan of Yummly.  I actually have seen it around for ever, but I never really got in to it… that is until recently!  So what is it?  Find out here!

Yummly is website that let’s you store recipes and provides you recipe recommendations personalized to the your tastes!  You can also use its free smartphone app, which makes it super handy as it allows you to save recipes from any website you find.  Later on, you have it all in your “Recipe Box”.


Lots of food blogs (like mine) now have a “Yum” button where you can quick ‘yum’ the recipe and that basically means it’s saved in your recipe box!  Another option is you can get the Yum Button extension for your browser.  This lets you ‘yum’ any recipe, whether or not they have that button add it!
What else is awesome is you can FIND many delicious new recipes on there too:

If you’re reading this and you’re like DUH.  YUMMLY IS OLD NEWS, then all I have to say is, here’s my Yummly Page!

Sharing is caring!