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THINX Review: Imagine NOT ever using Tampons OR Pads again

THINX Review: Imagine NOT ever using Tampons OR Pads again

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Okay, so you must be wondering why is this food blog talking about something so unappetizing – periods.  Well, it’s because I not only love healthy foods, I also love healthy… well, everything!  Ummm, okay, so what does this have to do with… periods, again?  Kind of a lot.  You’re about to read a THINX review!

About Tampons and Feminine Pads

THINX review

Well, it turns out tampons and feminine pads aren’t quite so healthy. Tampons are usually made from cotton or a cotton and rayon blend.  Cotton is a major market for insecticides.  Rayon is made from wood pulp bleached with toxic chlorine, a process that creates dangerous cancer-causing dioxins.  Also, the use of rayon in tampons has been linked to toxic shock syndrome.  The thought that this is what gets to touch your most delicate skin?  Scary.  

Worst of it – on average women use about 17,000 tampons and pads in a life time!

Environment wise – did you know that it is estimated that about 20 billion pads, tampons and applicators are being sent to American landfills every year?
So what do I do now!?

Well, here’s a THINX review!

THINX review

So what you can do now is you can explore other alternatives… such as Diva Cups (which I’m too afraid to try…), or Thinx period panties!

I tried the latter, Thinx, and WOW – this is how I know I live in the future now.  Thinx is freakin’ amazing! Unfrotunately, I only got to try the Hiphugger, but that one holds about the same as 2 tampons as they claimed so that’s cool!

So how did I test this out for you?  I wore it ALL. DAY. LONG. With no back up.  Like, I’m talking 24 hours straight on my heaviest day.  What did I find out?

Apparently, they were NOT lying.  It 100% held up it’s bargain and I didn’t have one accident and… amazingly, it also didn’t feel… how should I put this, disgusting?  Something about how it’s made makes it absorb all the moisture – so even tho I knew it was a super heavy day and all… it didn’t feel like it.  It didn’t feel super dry or anything, but it was amazing how NOT wet it felt.  I’m saying the majority of the time – I didn’t even remember that I was on my period.

With that said… Is Thinx healthy and safe?

Well, I think so.  So, the interior of the underwear is made of antimicrobial cotton (which does include some silver) and this fights bacteria.  This is the most interior, and then outside of that is a nylon/spandex exterior layer.

You know what else I love about this?  Think about how much tampon/feminine pads you can be saving.  Saving the environment – one period at a time!

Oh, one more thing that’s cool is for every pair of THINX you buy, THINX sends funds to their partner, AFRIpads, to help girls and women in Uganda. Did you know that girls there have to skip school and fall behind just because of their periods, forcing many of them to drop out?  I didn’t know either!  Learn more here.

Anyway, are you interested in trying a pair?

THINX review
THINX review

Try it now with $10 off!! 

This post is sponsored by Thinx - I received a pair of THINX underwear in exchange for this review.
However, all opinions are my own!

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Monday 1st of August 2016

I'm a bit confused. Did you use the underwear only or as a backup to what you typically use?!

Tina T

Monday 1st of August 2016

I should've totally been more clear! I use ONLY the underwear - not as a backup, which they are made to be able to handle. They do specify that you can use it only as a back up if you want, too, so that is totally optional.