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I was approached a while ago to be featured on another cookbook!  This time, it is the Community Keto Diet Cookbook.  What in the world is Keto?  Well, a Keto diet is basically a low carb diet that turns the body into a fat-burning machine.  As you may know, many paleo recipes are naturally very low carb, hence, are also keto… so actually many of my recipes are also Keto!
What’s great about this Community Keto Diet Cookbook:

  1. It is a Community cookbook – meaning food bloggers and recipe developers in the Paleo / Keto community has recipes in there.  You might wonder why that makes it good.  It’s because I believe everyone has their own flavor profile, cooking and food preferences, and when you have a community cookbook, you get a wide range of variation!
  2. It’s part of a Bundle!  Specifically, the Keto Diet Bundle.  Which is cool beans because there’s so much stuff!  It comes with 45 Keto eBooks, Courses, Tools, and 22 Bonuses & Discounts including 30 minute dinners, Slow Cooker meals, Breakfast cookbooks and more. Also, Keto healthy tips and guides. Check out what it all includes by clicking here.  It’s legit worth more than $937 total if you had to buy everything separately – but you can get all of this for only $37 right now!

Does this sound pretty awesome to you?  If so, I highly recommend snatching a bundle soon!
Here’s where you can grab yours today:  Keto Diet Bundle (including the Community Keto Diet Cookbook)


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