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Silk Plants Direct Review

Silk Plants Direct Review

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Silk Plants Direct Review – I should probably win an award for how slow I am getting settled in my ‘new’ condo.  It’s technically been a bit over a year, and I still haven’t settled on all the furniture and decorations.  I like to take my sweet time, what can I say!  So, I have this tiny little kitchen, and a small separator wall between it and the living room.  The top of this wall doesn’t reach the ceiling – so I never could figure out what exactly what I should put there.

I did all the necessary Pinterest research, and some put wine bottles, some put pots or vases, and some people do plants.  To be honest, a beautiful ivy plant with the stems hanging over was 100% what I wanted in the first place.  And I even actually bought one and put it up there… but then realized it was an awful idea when I remembered that plants… need water.  After climbing on a ladder a couple of times to water it, I decided a plant wasn’t going to be it.

That’s when I got an e-mail in my inbox that provided the perfect solution!  An e-mail from Silk Plants Direct!

About Silk Plants Direct

Silk Plants Direct specializes in silk plants and trees!  Interesting back story – they initially focused on live plants and trees, but then noticed that many customers thought it was expensive and hard to take care of live plants and trees, so that’s when they started focusing silk plants and trees!

They have over 500 varieties of silk plants, including trees, flowers, foliage, planters, and more.  Lots of their products are used in hospitals, offices, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants and more.

My Selection

I looked for a plant that would be a good hanging plant.  This way the plant can drape nicely down the sides of the wall.  So I went this one: Silk Plants Direct Outdoor Philodendron Hanging Basket.

The Silk Plants Direct Review

It’s Arrival

I was actually kind of worried about it’s arrival initially.  My package room is quite difficult to get to from my condo.  I envisioned me dragging a giant heavy fake plant between buildings and several floors to my apartment.

Glad I was wrong!  It was a thin (but long) box and it was actually very light!  I didn’t even need my little Folding Trolley Cart I brought with me but used it any way.

The Plant

So, I was actually a little confused though, why was this box the shape it was – because my plant doesn’t seem like it would be a long and thin plant.  Turns out it is because it was shipped so that the basket is one end and then all the hanging parts were above it.

Here are some pictures:

Silk Plants Direct Review
Silk Plants Direct Review
Silk Plants Direct Review

The Good

The best part about this plant is definitely the fact that it’s not a real plant… you might think I’m trying to be funny and I kind of am, but in all seriousness, the location I placed this plant is HARD to get to.  When I put a real plant there, I literally had to use a ladder every time I had to water it.  With this baby, no more ladders!  I fixed it up nicely and it’s gonna stay that way with zero maintenance from now on!

Here’s where it is now:

Silk Plants Direct Review
Silk Plants Direct Review

Besides not having to water it, take care of it, make sure I am a responsible human being that can keep it alive, it’s also pretty damn realistic looking when you’re not up close to it.  I was worried it was going to look super fake at first, but glad that wasn’t the case!

Improvement Opportunities

More Realistic Stems

So, I also chose Philodendron because I’m familiar with the real thing.  They’re pretty and their stems are soft and they flow and drape beautifully.
This silk plant may look pretty real when you’re not paying close attention to it, but the stems are made of plastic and it doesn’t drape/flow like the real thing.  I was a bit frustrated at first because the way it was shipped cause the stems to point up.  I’m hoping after a few days, gravity will win this battle so that the stems drape downwards more.

Better Quality Basket

The plant is actually stuck inside a Styrofoam block that is inside of a basket.  This is fine with me because I’m pretty sure none of my guests are going to examine the plant close enough to realize this.  However, parts of the basket was in less than great quality, and you could see the white Styrofoam through it.  Luckily for me, I got the giant drape-y plant with a gazillion leaves so it wasn’t too bad.


If you want a 100% realistic looking plant, this isn’t it.  However, if you really want a 100% realistic looking plant… you probably should also just go get the real thing!  Otherwise, this one will add a nice feel to your home… and yay to not having to worry about keeping it alive!

Sounds like something you need?  Visit their website here to try it yourself!

This post is sponsored by Silk Plants Direct - I received a Silk Plants Direct Outdoor Philodendron Hanging Basket in exchange for this review.  However, all opinions are my own!

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