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Lunch at Ootoya Restaurant in Qsquare

Lunch at Ootoya Restaurant in Qsquare

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Literally the second day I arrived in Kaohsiung, my sister and I traveled to Taipei for the Taipei International Chain and Franchise Autumn Exhibition. Which meant more delicious places to visit and eat at! Including Lunch at Ootoya Restaurant in Qsquare.


Qsquare or 京站時尙廣場 is a shopping mall in Taipei, Taiwan. It opened in 2009 and it is easy to visit if you are in Taipei because it’s walking distance of Taipei Main Station AND the building is also connected to the Taipei bus station.

We were able to find lockers for our carryon luggage, and just go shopping and eat lunch.


Ootoya or 大戶屋 is one of the restaurants in Qsquare. It is a Japanese restaurant and they have entrees that include rice dishes, noodles, sides, and bento on their menu.

Everything looks so amazing so it was very hard to pick one thing to eat. I ended up getting this Miso Chicken Udon Noodle Soup. I believe it was actually an LTO (limited time offer) dish but if you are visiting, you can ask.

The broth was very tasty and it had tender chicken with an egg and some veggie. I liked that it arrived like still kind of boiling so you know it’s hot!

It also came with rice (which I didn’t need because I had noodles, but some people may want it), miso soup, and a little steamed egg cup.

I definitely would go back again, all very tasty!

I also took a picture of this sign / picture outside the restaurant, the little eggplant penguins cracked me up!

By the way! Apparently there is currently 3 locations in the US! They are all in New York, however. They are located in Chelsea, Time Square, and Union Square.

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