Oven Baked Turkey Legs

Turkey legs are my favorite part of a turkey, so I love that I can make baked turkey legs without popping an entire turkey in to the oven! This is how to cook turkey legs in the oven – super …

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Easy Filet Mignon (Paleo, Keto)

If you’re a fan of meat or steak, you probably have had Filet Mignon before. It’s quite a tender and tasty piece of meat. For Thanksgiving this year, I included it on the menu. It’s actually a lot easier to …

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Paleo Turkey Brine

Super Flavorful Paleo Turkey Brine

OMG, I have to share this delicious Paleo Turkey Brine!  I always brine my Turkey prior to popping it in the oven on Thanksgiving.  Why?  Two reasons – it keeps the meat moist (meaning you get a juicier turkey) and it helps season …

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