A Very Hairy Fruit: Rambutan

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Rambutans look like they are lychees with a head full of hair.  Literally, this fruit’s name even means hair! “Rambut” in Indonesian and Malay, where this fruit is native to, means “hair”.

Rambutan: A Very Hairy Fruit

Hairy Rambutan
Hairy Rambutan

These cool looking fruits not only look like fun times, but they also taste like fun times.  They taste very similar to lychee and that makes total sense as it is scientifically closely related to lychees.  If you haven’t tried either, I would suggest you do so soon!
A Single Rambutan

So how do you even eat that thing!?
Well, very easy… kind of.  First and foremost, don’t just bite in to it.  Now, what you can do is take a knife and cut through the hairy skin layer of the Rambutan, and then pop off the top so that it looks like this:
Cut Opened Rambutan
Cut Opened Rambutan

Then, you can take out the “meat” of the Rambutan and eat it.  However, be careful! There is a single large seed (large compared to apple seeds) in the middle of the fruit, so be sure not to swallow it!
More Rambutans

Allright I’ll try it… but where can I even find this “hairy fruit”??
Well, there are two answers:  1) Frieda’s Rambutan on Amazon Grocery, and 2) Look for it in your nearest Asian super market!!  It’s not a guarantee that they will all sell it, but you are most likely to find them in Chinese super markets or if there is one near you an Indonesian or Malaysian super market.


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