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Pan Fried Chicken: Paleo, Gluten Free, and Dairy Free

3 Jun

Can you have pan fried chicken if you are eating gluten free or paleo?  Some will say you can’t but, you can!  You can do this with almond flour or almond meal!  Here’s a simple recipe for pan frying almond crusted chicken. [...]

Easy Coconut Milk Curry Chicken

20 May

Coconut curry chicken is not only a super flavorful dish, but it’s also easy to make and healthy for you!  I have my mom to thank for this one!  I learned this delicious recipe from her :)  Warning though, you are going to get SO hungry cooking this because the coconut milk smells amazing! [...]

The Best Mexican Chicken Soup!

6 May

All right, I’ve gotten requests for this one!  So, here it is.  The most delicious Mexican Chicken Soup!  I originally stumbled upon a recipe for this from Paleo Diet Lifestyle.  However, I’ve since made it many many times (cause it’s so good!) and tweaked it here and there.  Instead of making store bought broth and roasted chicken laying around – I make this by purchasing a rotisserie chicken! [...]

Easy Spice Roasted Chicken Leg Quarters

11 Feb

This is a simple recipe for chicken leg quarters if you don’t feel like standing in the kitchen for a long time before you eat your dinner.  (Or if you have a lot of other things to make, and you need to make an easy entree!)  What makes it simple is all it really requires is chicken leg quarters and a bunch of spice from your spice rack!  I chose chicken leg quarters because dark meat is actually my favorite, but you can choose other parts of the chicken too, just make sure to change up the baking times if you do. [...]

A Healthy Super Bowl Snack: Gluten-Free Chick-Fil-A Nuggets

28 Jan

Just in time for the Super Bowl, this recipe brought to you by The Domestic Man, is perfect for any Super Bowl get-togethers  you might have this weekend! [...]