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The Bada (8大) Forest Theme Paradise is located in Pingtung (屏東), Taiwan.  On the drive over from Kaohsiung, I really had no idea what to expect, other than the fact that ‘it’s a fun place in the forest’.  Well, turns out it’s… well, exactly that!  Here’s what you’ll find at Bada Forest Theme Paradise:

  • International Performances:  Different performances from different countries are shown, including Mexico, Africa, Thailand, Taiwan, the Philippines, India, Hawaii, and more.  There’s also a magic show that keeps the kids entertained. (Keep in mind this is all outside, so it can get QUITE hot!)
  • 6 different discovery park:  These are parts of the forest that is themed at different animals/plants/nature.  The different park areas are:  insects (i.e. butterfly room), birds (peacocks and such), animals (horse, pigs, goats, turkeys, ostrich even!), flowers, grasses and trees.
  • There was other animals such as snakes and a pretty big alligator hanging out in random areas of the park.  (Pictured below!)  There’s an area of the park that has is full of mahogany trees, I guess this is the Tree discovery park area with a pond for kids to play in and catch little fishes and shrimps if they want apparently  (pictured below).  There’s also a bunch of interactive games to play here such as some mini golf.  I sat in one of the group swings for ever just enjoying the view here.
  • Amusement rides (rides that you might find at somewhere like a carnival/fair, not the kind you find at six flags)  This was pretty fun and my nephew and I got on the bumper cars a few times.
  • Overall beautiful scenery (pictured below!)

Anyway, TL;DR (too long, didn’t read), here’s some pictures!

Pond in Tree Discovery Park Area of Bada Theme Park
Btw, you can pet any of the animals if you want… including this little piglet! 🙂
Intimate moment I had with a horse (look how jealous the white horse was!)

Also, there are all these grills available in the Mahogany Tree area for you to grill up whatever you want, we had lots and lots of chicken:

Chicken (and chicken hearts)


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