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Get it?  “THEM SOME YUMMY DISHES!?” Nevermind my lame puns.  Anyway, for those of you that are unfamiliar with Dim Sum, it’s similar to Tapas where you order a bunch of small dishes of food as a meal.  Except, when you go to a Dim Sum restaurant, there are actually people pushing cart-full of different foods around and they come by your table and ask if you’re interested in any of what they have.  If you are, you order it and they mark it on your tab.

Well, it’s perfectly good times if you’re one of those people that want to know what something looks like before you order it, or if you’re picky, because you can see and pick out exactly what you want and then eat it immediately!  Also, don’t forget to order some tea.  After all, the tea part of it is actually a main part of Dim Sum.    In mandarin, for example we call Dim Sum “飲茶” which literally translates to “Drinking Tea”.

飲茶 Dim Sum at Golden House Duluth GA
飲茶 (Dim Sum) at Golden House, Duluth GA

So, have you been to Dim Sum? And what are your favorite dishes?  Maybe Shu-mai? Maybe Radish cakes?  Meatballs? Maybe even the chicken feet??

All pictures are from my recent visit to Golden House Dim Sum Restaurant in Duluth, Georgia.   I recommend it as a place to try out some Dim Sum.  The Restaurant is HUGE, and the food is pretty damn good.  Here’s more information about Golden House:   http://www.yelp.com/biz/golden-house-duluth.


    1. I know me too! I’m on East Cost time so it is about lunch time too! Too bad there’s no dim sum places around my workplace :/

  1. While there are a lot of things about living in NYC that irk me, the food by far compensates for the crowds, the grit, and the anonymity of city living. Thanks for sharing this post! You have inspired me to grab a group of friends and wend my way to Chinatown for a Dim Sum date. One of my best Dim Sum partners doesn’t eat beef, so we usually have a variety of pork and shrimp dishes. However, my all time favorite has got to be the sesame and sweet red bean buns that we get for dessert!

    1. You know, I’ve never been to NYC before, but I know that when I do get the chance I will definitely be eating 99% of the time! Have fun at Dim Sum! There are plenty of non-beef dishes so you guys should be fine. Not sure if I’m thinking of the same thing when you said sesame and sweet red bean buns, but if you meant http://foodfrenzy.ocregister.com/files/2008/07/sesame-ball.jpg then YES, I love those too!

        1. May I bother you for suggestions of Dim Sum places in NYC?
          Thanks in advance 🙂

          1. Grand Harmony Palace on Mott Street is really good. 😉

    1. I am a fan of Shumai too! It’s just not Dim Sum without it! 🙂

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