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Eating Paleo at Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe

Eating Paleo at Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe

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Taziki’s is a casual restaurant chain that specializes in Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.  There’s 8 in Georgia right now including Sandy Springs, Alpharetta, Athens, and more.   They’re pretty delish – and one of my usual lunch places since there is one right by my workplace.

One of the reasons I go there so often?  Because it’s easy to to eat healthy and (pretty) paleo there.  Some paleo options there include the Salads and the Feasts.  The Feasts… mmmmmm, okay, now I’m hungry and I’m not sure why I decided to write this before I eat dinner.
But any way!  On to Taziki’s food…


Paleo at Taziki's
Paleo at Taziki's

Feasts they have Chicken, Lamb, Pork Loin, and Tenderloin.  I think it varies at different locations, but my usual is the Chargrilled Lamb Feast which includes “fresh grilled lamb, carefully seasoned, and served with our homemade skordalia sauce”:

I can tolerate some dairy, so I have it there.  However, if you’re not, obviously ask for it without.  It also comes with a Greek salad, and a choice of a side (which they say either basmati rice or roasted new potatoes), but I actually ask for the Tomato Cucumber Salad because 1) I love it, it’s so delish, and 2) more paleo than rice, and less carby than potatoes.  Though I won’t lie, when I’m starving my face off – it’s potatoes I go for.


Did the Feast sound like way too much food for you?  You can try getting the salad!  You can choose Greek or Mediterranean, and your preferred meat/seafood.  Grilled Chicken, Turkey Breast, Beef, Grilled Lamb, Tilapia, Shrimp, and Salmon are all options there.

Does it all sound delicious?  It does to me right now, especially because I’m pre-dinner mode over here.

Visit Taziki Website here to leran more!

So anyway, have you eaten there?  What do you get?

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Marcus Acosta

Monday 9th of October 2017

I would have to say that this place is on our top 3 places to eat nowadays. Likely #1 to be honest. The salads are amazing and all the meats and fish are cooked on the spot and to order. Amazing healthy food. Just one caution, if you are counting your calories look for alternatives on the dressing and seasoning. Some may have a lot more Calories than you may expect. I skip the balsamic on the Mediterranean Salad, and it’s still amazing without it. My wife loves the beef tenderloin with her Med salad. Charlotte is home so we go there at least one to two days a week. Oh, the service, OMG! Best folks at any eatery by a long shot. Extremely pleasant and so service oriented. This place is filling the void so needed in eateries today! Enjoy!!!