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Lemon Squeezer Giveaway + Zulay Kitchen Review

Lemon Squeezer Giveaway + Zulay Kitchen Review

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If you enjoy cooking like me, you most likely also love fun kitchen gadgets! Lucky for me, I got to try 3 kitchen gadgets by Zulay Kitchen this week – including Apple Corer, Lemon Squeezer, and Milk Frother! They all have very high praise on Amazon reviews, so I checked them out. Here’s how they panned out.

About Zulay Kitchen

In short – Zulay Kitchen is a family owned company with a wide variety of kitchen products.

I did some research and found this blurb by their Co-Founder:

“Zulay Kitchen is named after my extraordinary mother, Zulay. She was raised in poverty-stricken Venezuela and, against all odds, brought my brother and I to live in the US. As a single mother, she worked extra-long hours but still found time to cook healthy meals for us. At the time, I thought nothing of it. But now that I’m married with children of my own, I see how much of a super-hero mom she really was. My wife and I created Zulay Kitchen to make shopping easier than ever in today’s busy world. We believe that cooking should be fast and easy, so you have more time to enjoy with your loved ones”

Apple Corer

This was way easier to use than I expected! I thought I’d have a difficult time trying to cut thru the apple and removing the core, but it was pretty easy to situate the apple down, push in the corer and then pulling it out.

Lemon Squeezer

This was some good quality lemon squeezer. I could tell from the second I took it out of the box, that it wasn’t made with some flimsy plastic, and was the real deal.

The funny thing is I learned something NEW with this lemon squeezer! After you cut the lemon in half, you don’t put the round side of the lemon in to the round side of the squeezer, you flip it over to get maximum juice-age! Like this!

Milk Frother

This was a fun way to kick it up a notch with your coffee! Having never used a milk frother before, initially I was a little confused as to what I was supposed to do with it, after reading this wiki article, and following method #3, I found the milk frother super easy to use.


If you’re looking for some good quality kitchen gadgets, I think Zulay Kitchen is a great source to get it from! Item pricing isn’t too high, and quality is great! Sounds like something you need?  Check out their Apple Corer, Lemon Squeezer, and Milk Frother yourself here:

Want a FREE Lemon Squeezer?

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Update! Giveaway is over, and the Winner has been announced! Stay tuned for future Giveaways!

If you end up getting that lemon squeezer, be sure to try out my Paleo and Vegan Easy Lemon Cookies! Recipe here.

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This post is sponsored by Zulay Kitchen - I received Zulay Kitchen Apple Corer, Lemon Squeezer, and Milk Frother in exchange for this review.  However, all opinions are my own!

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