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HadinEEon Electric Kettle Review

HadinEEon Electric Kettle Review

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HadinEEon Electric Kettle Review – You might not know this but I’m an avid tea drinker. I love Green , Oolong, Jasmine, Chrysanthemum, Pu-erh tea, black tea, peppermint, and more! Since I can literally drink tea for hours straight, I prefer electric kettles, because I don’t need to man the stove when I want some tea first thing in the morning.

So, I was very delighted when I got the chance to test a new Electric Kettle out.

HadinEEon Electric Kettle

The specific version I got is the HadinEEon Electric Kettle 1.7L Glass Electric Tea Kettle (BPA Free) Cordless Teapot, Portable Electric Hot Water Kettle with Auto Shutoff Protection, Stainless Steel Lid & Bottom. There’s another fancier version, which has temperature control, but mine is more simpler which just has the boil button.

It’s Arrival

The HadinEEon Electric Kettle arrived in a black cardboard box, with Styrofoam that really secured it in place. This was good news to me, because the water kettle is glass, and could easily get damaged if packaging wasn’t done well.

The Hot Water Kettle

So here’s the synopsis!

The Good

HadinEEon Electric Kettle Review

I love two things about this hot water kettle:

Look – Out of all my hot water kettles, this one is definitely the sexiest one. LOL. What I mean is that it looks fancy and sophisticated. It lights up with pretty blue lights when the water is in the boiling phase.

Functionality – It boils pretty darn fast. Probably the fastest one I’ve ever used. So if you are impatient when you want some tea, this Water Kettle will get the job done.

HadinEEon Electric Kettle Review

Improvement Opportunities

I really only have one ‘complaint’ and it’s the lid. It’s in quotes, because it’s more like a wish of mine, that the lid would stay in the ‘open’ position better, so that when I’m filling it up in the sink it doesn’t keep closing on me. Especially, when I was trying to dump the hot water away from the first time I used, as a bit of the hot water got on me. But you can just be more careful if you are worried about that.


If you’re looking for a good looking and fast working water kettle to boil hot water, this one is definitely an option you can look at! Just be careful with the lid.

Sounds like something you want/need?  Check it out here:

HadinEEon Electric Kettle Review

Get yours here: HadiNeeon® Classic Design Cordless Electric Kettle Glass Boiler 1.7L, BPA Free, Metal Silver, DE1733

If you’re looking for more electric kettles, you can also check out Electric Water Kettles on Amazon!

This post is sponsored by HadinEEon - I received a HadinEEon Electric Kettle 1.7L Glass Electric Tea Kettle in order and exchange for this review.  However, all opinions are my own!

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James McGuire

Thursday 7th of December 2023

After a year my Hadineeon kettle’s water started tasting rubbery and was burning the inside of my mouth when using for hot tea or instant coffee.

shubham deshmukh

Monday 20th of September 2021

Solid review, appreciate the thoroughness.