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Japanese BBQ Dinner at Tan Zuo Ma Li 碳佐麻里

Japanese BBQ Dinner at Tan Zuo Ma Li 碳佐麻里

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I was going to a super exciting first dinner in Taiwan on this trip, and it was exciting for two reasons – 1) I heard this Tan Zuo Ma Li 碳佐麻里 restaurant has delicious BBQ, and 2) I was going to meet my first GRAND niece ever!

If you’ve ever been to Asian BBQ’s (such as KBBQ) you know it can get super hectic (at least for me because I’m so excited about ALL the food), with so many dishes coming out and there’s grilling in front of you and other dishes are also being served, and chatting with family/friends.

I tell you this so you can forgive me for not remember exactly the names of everything we order. BUT I did take ALL the pictures. So if you happen to find yourself at Tan Zuo Ma Li in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, maybe you can show them the picture of what you want and they can point you the right direction 🙂


I thought the look and feel of the restaurant was very cool. There is a koi pond that surrounds the restaurant, which if you sit by the window is directly outside of your window. This is super awesome if you have kids (or adults, anyone really). You can see the Koi swimming around.

There are different seating arrangements, the one we had was by the window so we not only got to see the koi pond and all, we also got our own ‘room’. It is separated by a hanging divider which allows for some privacy.

You do have to take off your shoes to enter your seating area which the table is slightly above ground and your legs are under the table.


All the food was pretty delicious! For grilling, they have all sorts of meat (beef, lamb, pork, chicken, seafood), veggies. The quality of the meat was excellent! Here’s alllll the deliciousness we got for grilling!

They also have other foods that is not for grilling you can order such as Sashimi, Sushi, Appetizers and sides – and this is where I have to give a special shout out to one of the dishes – Garlic Shrimp Rice 石燒蒜蝦飯! This was so flavorful, served in a stone bowl.

I found this Instagram video of it if it helps you visualize it.

Some other sides:

There’s also many tasty beverages. One thing I love about Taiwan is there are so many different non alcoholic beverages! Though of course they also have alcoholic bevs too if you would like that to go with your meal.

The desserts were very fabulous too. I recommend the Almond Tofu – it is a dessert like flan but made with almond and it is so flavorful.

You can order combinations of these things too if you have crowd like us. If you do it that way basically you can pick a set of meat, seafood, sides, salad, dessert, drinks, etc.

Btw – September is my birthday month! So they also did this cute little bday thing for me (my nephew, me, sister, and my grandniece):

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