I’m Stressed Out, What Do I Eat?!

Have you ever been incredibly stressed or upset because someone just stumped all over your awesome day, and now you want to eat – either you’re just eating your feelings or hey, you’ve been upset for like 5 hours and it’s time to eat, okay?!  Well, no worries.  I’ve been there, and I am here to tell you what to eat if you want to stay healthy while being uncontrollably upset because someone might or might not have been the worst person ever!

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Eating Paleo at Farm Burger

As I mentioned before, Farm Burger is a pretty neat place! Not only are the burgers at Farm Burger delicious, they also source their food locally, which is also a pretty attractive quality!  Want to eat Paleo at Farm Burger?  Not hard – read on!

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Kale Health Benefits and Delicious Recipes

Eat more veggies!  We’ve all heard that one before, and many of us have probably said it before too.  However, not all veggies are made equal.  Some are packed with a lot more nutrients than others, and kale is definitely one of them.  Now prepare yourself for 10 Kale Health Benefits and Recipes!

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10 Delicious Locally Sourced Restaurants in Atlanta

Care about where your food comes from? Looking for locally sourced restaurants? Good news! I’ve gathered a list of yummy locally sourced restaurants in Atlanta! If you’re wondering why you should eat local, well, there are many good reasons, such as it being more fresh (since you cut down on the farm to fork transportation), and you’re supporting local farms!

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eco vessel collapsible lunch box

A Review: Eco Vessel Collapsible Lunch Box

Do you bring your lunch to work?  Or school?  Or maybe you just like to bring food with you at all times just in case you starve to death?  (I don’t judge!) Well, if you answered yes to any of those questions, you might want to check out this Eco Vessel Collapsible Lunch Box I just tried out.

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5 Seasons - Ropa Vieja

Eating Paleo at 5 Seasons Brewing

I know, when you hear “Brewing” in the title you’re like, really?  Paleo… there?  Well, Eating Paleo at 5 Seasons Brewing might be hard, but it could be done, or at least something close to it.  One thing pretty awesome about 5 Seasons is that they buy from local farms.

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