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Taiwanese Range Chicken and Stone Japanese Grill

Taiwanese Range Chicken and Stone Japanese Grill

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As some of you might already know, I’m a fan of the Paleo diet.  It  basically consists of everything I like – meat and veggies, and it cuts out all the BS (I count processed foods as BS).  Well, as part of this whole meat thing, I’m also a huge fan of some free-range organic meat.  Other than health benefits, the meat just tastes more delicious too!

So I was pretty excited about going to the Gangshan District (岡山區) to eat some Taiwanese range chicken.   Apparently this area is popular for it’s range chickens.  As you drive by the mountain roads, you see dozens and dozens of restaurants specializing in range chickens.
We ended up at one of the a restaurant called Country Style Chicken Courtyard or 田野香雞庭園.  We had several dishes including:

  • Chinese Radishes with Sweet Sauce
  • Garlic Basil Octopus
  • Grilled Range Chicken
  • Three different types of Chicken Soup cooked with Herbs and vegetables
  • Fried Chicken Pieces

Grilled Range Chicken!

The chicken, as I had expected, was very delicious.  

I was pretty stuffed after this meal but fortunately we visited the mountains and walked around a whole lot the entire afternoon up until it was almost dinner time.  Since I’m still jetlagging, I actually passed out in the car ride to dinner.

I definitely woke up for dinner though, as the location was a all-you-can-eat Japanese style grill restaurant called “Stone“.  They not only have grill however, they also have sushi, sashimi, hot pot, and more!  OH, AND DID I MENTION ITS ALL YOU CAN EAT.  (Yes, I know I did, but I thought I’d stress this.)

So how this works is you sit at your table, and your table has a built in circular grill AND a built in stove for your hot pot.  You also have these little sheets of menu paper on your table, and you put down how many you want of the menu items!  ALL YOU CAN EAT.  Okay, sorry, had to do it again.

Other than a minor disappointment in them suddenly not giving us any salmon sashimi, everything was great! The price? 459 Taiwanese dollars per person for dinner, which is ONLY $15.54 U.S. dollars!  That is a freakin’ STEAL for what you are getting here!

Counter clockwise:  Built-in Grill at Table, Pork Fat used to grease up Grill, Grilling Seafood and Beef

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